Valentine’s Day at The Met Museum in NYC 

Treat your loved one to an unforgettable evening of romance 

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For those of you who don’t have a plan yet, or are tired of doing the same old thing every year; we’ve got your back. This Valentine’s Day, forget about roses, chocolates and fancy dinners, instead, indulge in a unique romantic experience that you and your special someone will cherish forever. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has a natural aura of romance around it, and many of its greatest pieces of art are inspired by love and romance.  

Through a guided tour of The Met in NYC that includes secluded, private spots, you will be able to explore the most captivating and romantic rooms at the museum. You’ll also discover stunning objects that have become eternal symbols of love, such as the medieval French ivory jewelry box with scenes of chivalric romance or the silver “loving cup” given to the founder of Tiffany’s & Co. and his wife.  

Couples can enjoy secluded galleries brimming with tender evocations of both mythological and historical lovers, from Mars and Venus to King Louis XIV of France and the Marquise de Montespan. Our guides know every little secret behind the quiet, mysterious objects and art that fills the museum.  

Imagine strolling through the beautiful spaces at The Met when the lights are dim and crowds have dispersed. Afterwards, we can also assist you in planning a very special dinner or romantic drink at one of the museum’s private dining rooms. This option is perfect for those who wish to turn their romantic date into a truly exclusive VIP Met experience

What better way to spend an evening than walking along the gorgeous spaces of The Metropolitan Museum, listening to stellar stories of romance from the ancient past in the company of your beloved? 

If interested, you can book this dreamy date night tour on our website. For those with busy, unpredictable schedules you can also purchase a gift certificate for this tour and redeem it at a later date.  


P.S. Don't forget to check out our scrumptious Chocolate comes with a complimentary box of chocolates. 

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